Tait Engineering, Inc
Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors
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(Registered Professional Engineers and Surveyors)
908 Perry Highway Suite 200, Pittsburgh, PA 15229

Land Development in Pittsburgh, PA

Tait Engineering Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers quality, expert civil engineering designs for residential and commercial land development. Our surveying and civil engineering products are prepared and furnished in AutoCAD format.

Civil Engineering

Tait Engineering Inc. provides grading plans, storm water control plans, erosion control permits (NPDES Phase I), highway occupancy permits, sanitary and storm sewer design, and roadway design.
Civil Engineer Land Planning — Civil Engineering Designs in Pittsburgh, PA

Plan Descriptions

  • Grading Plans—Use Topographic Surveys for the Design of a Project
  • Storm Plans—Design Plans for Storm Water Runoff
  • Erosion Control Permits (NPDES Phase I)—Allow Storm Water Discharges for the Construction Process
  • Highway Occupancy Permits—Provide Access to State Highways & Access Ways & Allow Construction Companies to Work on Them
  • Sanitary & Storm Sewer Design—Designs the Elevation & Sizing of Storm & Sewer Pipes & Structures
  • Roadway Design—the Design of Location, Elevation, & Material for New Roadways